FAQ - California Wall Art Co.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is California Wall Art Corp?

California Wall Art Corp, established 2012, is ultimate stop for modern wall art . We sell many types of wall arts, including, Frameless art  which brings world famous photography and art to your home in the most convenient and economical way. California Wall Corp is also decorates a lot of hotels, buildings, staging for houses and office buildings.  Our B2B accounts have been in  increase for last 2 years.

2. How and where do you make the pictures?

The conception of design, print process and the transformation of the picture into a frameless visual masterpiece is managed by our dedicated team of talented designers at our factory overseas, where the product is made available to all parts of the world. We also have a customized Frameless Art facility in Irvine, California to serve our customers in the US. Our unique printing processes implemented result in pictures with rich and vibrant colors with lasting durability. We print digitally onto vinyl and mount onto MDF fiberboard. 

3. What sizes are  available?

You can get your picture pretty much any size you want. However, certain pictures are only printed in select sizes to enhance the appreciation of the art in its form. Please navigate to the ‘More Info’ section on our website to check availability of sizes for the selected pictures. Customized pictures can also be ordered in different sizes and is not limited to what is displayed on the website which reflects what is in stock at the time.

4. How do you ship and how long it takes to ship?

We mainly use FEDEX and USPS for shipping to domestic and international destinations. Once the order is placed on the website and payment is confirmed, we usually ship the item within 3-7 business days. You will be provided with different shipping options and associated costs for delivery at the time of purchase.

5. Return policy?

We at Clifornia Wall Art Corp. want you to be happy with your newly purchased Frameless Art creation and offer a full refund or exchange within 15 days of the purchase if you are not satisfied as a customer. All refunds/exchanges are processed through our highly responsive customer service team available on the phone to address your issues. All shipping costs are paid for by the customer for any refunds/exchanges. It is mandatory that all items being returned/exchanged must be received in their original condition and packaging along with the mounting kit.

6. Do you customize pictures?

Yes! We do print customized pictures and make it available as Frameless Art souvenir for you. Turnaround time is anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks from the date the order is placed. The picture sent must adhere to the formats specified in the ‘Customization’ section of our website www.frameless-art.com.

7. Available retail locations?

We have a wide list of distributors and retailers all around the world. If you are interested in viewing our pictures, please visit any of our retail locations or home show stands closest to where you live. Please visit our ‘Locations’ section on our website for a list of retail locations and distributors.

8. How do you hang the pictures?

All our pictures are shipped with a mounting kit. Please follow the below steps to ensure your Art work is mounted the correct way to avoid damage to the item:

  • Before mounting the pictures, please open the attached wall hangers on the side of the box containing the pictures. Inside you will find metal hangers, plastic “anchors” (for drywall) and screws to fix the metal wall-hangers into the wall (The pictures will hang from these). The metal pieces fit inside the grooves at the back of the pictures.
  • To begin, choose a space on a wall where you want to display the art and note the measurements required for the same. Keep in mind, the width of the 20x20 inch triptic is 60 inches, the 24x24 inch triptic is 72 inches, and the 28x28 inch triptic is 84 inches.
  • The distance between the two outer grooves on the back of each picture is 13.5 inches. There are three grooves, or slots, on the back of each photograph. Only the outer grooves are required for the installation.
  • Level the space where the art will be displayed. With a pencil, mark a single line or several little lines to ensure that your line is leveled before you mount the pictures. Once leveled, draw on the wall with a pencil where the grooves on the back of the art will line up, as this is where you will install the wall hangers to hang the art. Each panel should be 1/2 - 1 inch apart (though some prefer to align them right next to each other, and some even further apart) They should be spaced along the level line, evenly.
  • If you're installing into a drywall, drill the hole where you will put the wall hangers/metal pieces. Place the plastic anchor inside the drilled hole, then place the metal wall hanger over the drilled hole and drill the screw into the same hole (which is now "padded by the wall hanger").
  • If you're not installing into a drywall, you can drill directly into the wall. Place the wall hanger in the spot you marked on the wall and drill the screw into it to secure it in place.
  • Hang the art after all the wall hangers are in place. Breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy admiring your frameless visual masterpiece!