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Lower Slot Canyon Triptych

It is back ! One of our most popular Triptych, Antelope Cave.  This photo was taken outside of Page, Arizona on Navajo Nation Tribal land at the a place called Antelope Canyon, also known as The Corkscrew, or as the Navajo people call it Tse bighanilini.

Of all the slot canyons in the American Southwest, none are more popular than Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon , sometimes called “The Corkscrew” is located at the north central tip of Arizona just outside Page, Arizona. The canyon lies on Navajo tribal land and access is controlled by the tribe.


Antelope Canyon has been the subject of countless photographers and publications. The most photographed section is located in the upper Antelope Canyon region. The upper canyon is easy to traverse as it is all at ground level. The sunlight pears through cracks in the canyon wall and paints its gorgeous red rock sandstone with colored light and shadows making for amazing pictures. Photographers believe that noon between the months of May and September is the best time to shoot in the Antelope Cave.The light rays that shine through the cave are the brightest and provide the most vibrant pictures.

The Antelope Canyon rock formations are actually petrified sand dues. Once covered by a vast ocean, the Corkscrew was carved over millions of years by flash flooding. The Navajo refer to this section of the canyon as Tse Bighanilini, or “the place where water runs through rock”

We can make any size you need, Popular size in stock as follows; 

20" x 20" Panels 20"x 60" (5 feet long)

28" x 28" Panels 28" x 84" (7 feet long) ****Most Popular Size. 

32" x 32" Panels 32" x 96" (8 feet long) 

Also Available upon requests ; 

24" x 24" Panels 24" x 72" (6 feet Long)

36" x 36" Panels 36 x 108" (9 feet long)

40" x 40" Panels 40" x 120" (10 feet long)

48" x 48" Panels 48" x 144" (12 feet long)  

* Our photographic art works printed in our facilities by using the latest printing technology to show the vibrancy, details and true colors of the art work. It is not canvas, stick over or cardboard.  UV printed directly on the MDF (wood) with acrylic covered sides.  

* Light Weight, Easy and ready to hang, UV and moisture resistant.  

* Easy to clean. Can be hang indoor or outdoor. It lasts many many years.

*Our triptychs  are the best way to decorate any place in your home or office that has a open wall.

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